Our breed bulls' genetics stem from some of the most notable Polled Hereford breeders in the Nation.  Gerbers, Feltons, and Reed Farms to name a few.  Our herd sires are sons of National Champions and Proven Trait Leader Sires, with Feltons Jedi 154, being a Trait Leader himself!  We maintain a focus to produce seedstock and commercial bulls capable of improving any program.  Give us a call or email us about bulls.
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
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If you're looking  for quality F1 type cattle for cow/calf operations, use Hereford bulls.  If you're looking for that increased weight gain, and carcass quality on commercial steers, use Hereford bulls.  If you are looking for easy keeping, docile cattle which perform under adverse conditions, use Hereford bulls.  If you are looking for proven genetics time tested throughout the World, use Hereford bulls.  If you are a commercial cattleman, seedstock breeder, or someone just wanting to add a little british blood influence,...........use DOUBLE "H" FARMS
What does Double"H" Farms consider to be a Commercial Bull?             He's not the bull were hiding behind the tree!
"Any bull we sell into a commercial program!"  If we have a bull for sale which we feel would make an excellent seedstock sire, but a commercial breeder likes him, and is willing to pay our price, then he is a commercial bull!  Commercial breeders look for alot of the same traits seedstock breeders look for, but their end product may be different.  They are at least usually looking for calving ease, and muscling, so they can put live pounds on the scale.  We have both! 
Our Herd Bulls
      Harvey            Malachi             702                   621                    Jedi                Victor
    TRM 2128 37E Kudzu 4066             BT CL Domino 15G                     Feltons 745                 HF5D Fast Forward 530 D9A
The more we learn about the breed, breeding and desirable traits, the more we realize the importance and benefits of having an A.I. program for our herd.  We were very fortunate in that we were able to aquire some quality semen through a ranch which was dispersed.  Some of the semen in that lot being breed genetic giants.  We have since accumulated an arsenal of semen through purchases, and by collection of our own bulls.  These bulls, and others which we will purchase semen on, will be selectively used to inhance correct frame structure, increase weaning and yearling weights, add pigmentation, and of course give us a group of productive daughters out of proven genetics.  
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The Harvey's
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