Most of our bulls sell into commercial programs, and with very few exceptions (which were bulls purchased as calves), all or customers are pleased with their bulls, and their bull's calf crops!  This page is here to show you some of the bulls we have sold into commercial programs, and let you see the fruits of their labor.  Whether you are raising baldies, tiger stripes, red mollies, or just commercial Herefords, we have bulls that will help your programs move in the direction you want to go!
           HH BRAXYMO 646

      SIRE:  BJH 137P Dynamo 80L
     DAM:  WPH MS Braxton 438
Thanks to:  Yeller Rose, and Rabbit Foot Ranch and Cattle Co. for thier purchase of HH Braxymo 646.  We helped Yeller Rose
remarket this bull years later for profit!  
Click picture to see offspring
Sire of HH Braxymo 646
Thanks to:  Conerstone Enterprises, and Paratex Cattle Co. for your  purchase of DBLH Titan K6.  We helped Cornerstone Ent. remarket this bull years later for a profit!
We stand behind all of our breeding, If the bull dosn't meet our standards,  then he probably isn't a bull anymore!   We might be able to help you "remarket" your bull purchase from us too! 
           DBLH TITAN K6

      SIRE:  Metch Lex G709 
    DAM:  WPH MS Braxton 438
           DBLH HERALD L2

           SIRE:  RF Harvey 1G 17J 
           DAM:  WPH MS Dyna 469
         DBLH HARWARE L4

           SIRE:  RF Harvey 1G 17J 
           DAM:  GM Vixen 6F
Thanks to:  Old Oak Ranch for their purchase of DBLH Herald L2.  We hope he takes your 5 Star program and Santa Getrudis to the next level!
Thanks to:  The Martinez' for their purchase of DBLH Hardware L4, for use on their Herefords  and commercials.
Sire of DBLH Herald, Hardware, Highlander, & Hoss
Four other bulls from this sire are currently in use in commercial
programs.  Check the sale barn for upcoming sons!
         SIRE:  RF Harvey 1G 17J 
         DAM:  HVH MPH Serenade D28 56G

We helped the Prices remarket this bull after 4 years!
Thanks to:  The Prices' 
and Earnest's for their purchase of DBLH Highlander L6, for use on commercials. 
         DBLH HOSS L12

           SIRE:  RF Harvey 1G 17J 
           DAM:  Metch Trustina F649

We helped Bar J-Lynn remarket this bull years later for a profit!

Thanks to:   Bar J-Lynn, and John Robertson for their purchase of DBLH Hoss L12.  
This good bull did an outstanding job for Paratex Cattle Co. 

Sons and daughters sold to Bar S Cattle Co. of Port Lavaca. 
Sire:  Metch Lex G709
Click picture to see offspring
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Performance on the Hoof!
A half brother sold at the STPHA Sale
The Harvey's
Tom and Tina
Cooper, Texas