North East Texas Hereford Sale
Double "H" Farms has provided cattle for sale in several different consigment sales throughout the year. We also help sastified customers resale good cattle, and offspring of those cattle they have purchased through us in the past.                                                      
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
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DBLH Destiny & calf at NETHA
No Consignments to any sells at this time
Below are some example we have sold in the past
Sire:   GHF GA BOY 12L 07L P83 
Dam:  WCF VICTORIA S19 J495 

Birth:   01/02/07
Weaning Weight: 710 lbs

Nice pigmented yearling bull with excellent confirmation who weaned over 700 lbs.  This is a good Victor cross who traces back to all the greats: 2105, 103T, 107H, S133, Keynote 20X, and Graystone Hurrah.  His dam is an 8 year old CES HRP Victor 103T S19 daughter with an MPPA of 101.5%, a BW ratio of 99%, and a weaning ratio of 101%.  Full Possesion and interest sells.
Consigned by:

 Iron Lake Ranch
Double H Farms.
Res. Grand Champion Bull at:
Magnolia Hereford Show and Sale
Bull Lot:  DBLH Stewart Boomer 80E P35

Sire:PW Victor Boomer P606  (TL)
Dam:      LLL Deana 2099 80E  (Donor)

Birth Date:  11/05/04                        
BW:               84 lbs      
WW:      730lbs (Actual)
YW:       1105 lbs (Actual)
Herd bull material here!  His Dam is a Keynote 20X Daughter who has had 12 calves. His maternal Grand Dam 2099 was one of the better cows Triple L Ranch had in production, with 22 registered progeny. Below is a sample of P35's offspring.  Selling full possession. Sellers maintain a semen interest.  One of his sons sells below.  
Sire                               Dam   
Go to P35's herd page on our site to see more about him!
P35 Fall 2007
P35 Spring  2007
P35 Son
P35 Son
P35 Daughter
P35 Daughter
P35 Son
P35 Calves
South Texas Polled Hereford Association Sale
Bull Lot:  DBLH Stooby S12

Sire:DBLH Stewart Boomer 80E P35 
Dam:      DBLH Angel H805  (DOD/Donor)

Birth Date:  11/01/06                        
BW:               89 lbs       
WW:      704lbs (Actual)
YW:       1165 lbs (Actual)
A nice pigmented Grandson of PW Victor Boomer P606.  You won't go wrong with AHA Trait Leaders like P606, 46B, 20x, and Enforcer 107H.  His dam is a 9 year old Dam of Distinction, who is currently a Donor cow for J Bar B Cattle Co. and Double H Farms. His Maternal Grand Dam is also a DOD, and there are 9 Donor cows in the last 4 generations of this bull.  This is the kind of bull who will make productive fertile females for your herd.  Weighed 1,250 on 1-13-08, and 1,430 on February 28th.   
Sire                                      Dam   
Consigned By: 

J Bar B Cattle Co
Double H Farms
His sire (seen above) was the Reserve Grand Champion Bull
in the Magnolia Hereford Show/Sale!
S12 Winter 2007
Consigned by :

Stewart Polled Herefords
and Double H Farms
Bull Lot:  WF Earnest P83 T102

2nd highest selling bull lot!
Moderate size with adequate muscle expression
Sells on March 8th
in Mt Pleasant, Tx

Cross Timbers Association Sale
Cow Lot:  DBLH Vanity P03
Sire:RF Harvey 1G 17J
Dam:      GM Vixen 6F  

Birth Date:   01/07/04                        
BW:               79 lbs      
AWW:    580 lbs 

Sire                                  Dam   
Consigned by :

Double H Farms
Reserve Champion
Bred Female
2000 STPHA Sale
Reserve Senior Champion
& Get of Sire
2002 TPHA State Show
P03 Spring  2006
This is one Chunk daughter we really hate to part with.  She showed as a heifer, and calved her first two calves in January of '06 and '07 like clockwork.  She was bred to calve January '08, but much to our disappointment somehow slipped her calf. She was exposed to JPS11 in December, then to Feltons 621 at the end of February and should calve this fall.  P03 has a gorgeous udder and raises an outstanding calf.  Her first calf heifer went into show, and her second bull calf sold as a herd bull. 
Service sires:
JPS11 (left)
621 (below)
The Harvey's
Tom and Tina
Cooper, Texas