Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Our cow herd consist of proven blood lines coming out of established seedstock herds from Texas, and from across the Nation.  Numerous Trait Leader Bulls are found in our cow's backgrounds, as well as Donor Dams and Dams of Distinction.  We are concentrating on females who  keep easy, calve easy, breed back on time, have sound functional udders,  carry pigmentation, raise quality calves,  and have good dispositions.   
It would be easy just to show you a few choice pictures and tell you the definition of
the perfect female, then you could assume every cow in our herd fits that description.
The truth is however, that "every" cow in our herd, or any other herd, does not fit the
perfect cow description, but may very well meet many of the desirable characteristics.
In fact, some cows may meet just a few, but consistenty produce quality offspring with
the phenotype desired by many seedstock breeders and commercial buyers.  It is our 
goal to eventually breed, produce and maintain a herd where all our females are close
to exhibiting the ideal phenotype, and be practical, functional cattle.  We know we are
on the right track because even though our herd is small, we have been able to produce several Dams of Distinction. Careful purchases, selection, and breeding, are moving Double H Farms in the right direction with every generation.
Herd Calving Seasons:   We have two seasons, Spring and Fall.
We currently run about 20 head of moma cows, plus their offspring, a select group of
heifers, and several upcoming bull prospects.  Details on our management practices for
our cow herd can be seen by clicking on the purple oval above.  Additional links to care
and records pages can be found on "The Herd" page.  Many of the cows in our herd have proven trait leader bulls as their sires and grandsires, such as: Remitall Embracer 8E, Stockmaster 512, Feltons 517, Feltons Endurance 745, Feltons Jedi, Basic, Keynote 20X, World Class, Kudzu, Bailout, Tradition 434V, 51M, and Fast Foward. Some of the outstanding females who have worked in our herd, are foundtations and donors within our herd, or are still working the pasture, can be seen by clicking on their name below.   
Take a look at some of these outstanding females!
Herd Selection:
Our herd is based upon performance, productivity, and phenotype.  The genetics and EPD's will naturally fall in place when we concentrate on the three "P's".  We won't choose an animal soley on their EPD merits, as these are not only estimations, but they are sometimes unreliable.  If we choose an animal based solely on it's genetics...well we all know about reccessive genes!   Then of course, if we choose just  the best looking animal in the pasture, it may not breed or milk!    
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Pictures of  trait leader sires/ grand sires, and herd bulls represented in our cow herd in 2013
The Harvey's
Tom and Tina
Bulls represented in 2012/13 calf crops:

TRM Kudzu 7139 
Willis 10H 0702 ET
WPH RA Victor 100Y
12 Dams of Distinction can be found within the immediate dams and grand dams of our herd cows, with one DOD still active in the herd!
19 Sires of Distinction and/ or CHB sires represented in the immediate sires and Grandsires our cow herd.
Cooper, Texas