Double "H" Farms would like to thank all the buyers who  purchased cattle from us.  Many of the buyers below are repeat customers.  Below you will find a list and pictures of some of the catlle sold over the years
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Here are some buyers of Double H Farms cattle

Old Oak Ranch
Bar S Cattle Company
Cornerstone Enterprises
Paratex Herefords
Jim Grimshaw
The Morris's
Anthony Mobley
John Lambert
4 Bar S
Chris Deese
Eddie Spurgin
The Brown's
Rabbit Foot Ranch
Casey Willis
Ron and Jenell Wilson
The Godwins
Bar Lynn Ranch
John Hollis
The Seaman's
Stewart Polled Herefords
Richard Burkhart
The Flamiks
Preston DuBose
Jim Watson
J Bar B Cattle Co
Iron Lake Ranch
Dimitri Matanagas

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Jeniece Martinez
Yellur Rose
B&B Cattle Co.
Christina Tichenor
Earl Carrell
Carroll Cattle Co.
Molly Brown
Treva Gray
W R Bennett
Jason Eubanks
Qualline Polled Herefords
Willis Polled Herefords
John Robertson
Banneton Ltd.
Randy McKinley
3LJ Cattle Co
Michael Shaeffer
Garner Cattle Co.
Jimmy Prentice
Twin Creeks Ranch
Steve Derrick
L BAR Cattle & Equiment Co 
Trae Beavers
Todd Spencer
Chuck Dickson
6D Ranch
Jer-Mac Farms
Santos Estraca Family
Dan Cantania
Bella Terra Ranch
Laura Haeckel
Michael Talbert
Gordon Brown
W A Harrison
Rockin 5 Ranch
Chasity Cox
Forge Cattle Co.
Jenny Elser
Stacy and Jason Earnest
J Bar E Ranch
Jerry Kaumo
Ike Maddox
Gerald Murphy
Rancho Seco Land & Cattle
The Prices
The Henry's
Yates Longhorns
Rodney Smith
L Bar Ranch
Taylor Made Ranch
Greg Powell
Tate Smith
Bobby and Brandi Bryan

Scan below to see some of what has sold at Double H Farms!
The Harvey's
Tom and Tina
Cooper, Texas