"Chunk", as we refer to him, was purchased from Reed Farms at the Magnolia Hereford Show and Sale where he was dubbed the Grand Champion Bull.  He even edged out a yearling who had just won Reserve Bull Calf Champion at the Arkansas State Fair.   We would have liked to show Chunk more in his first few years, but we felt it more important get his offspring on the ground.  He was put into service with a group of 10 cows starting the end of April 2000 to calve spring 2001.  Since that time his individual performance and his ability to produce top quality calves has proved his worth!  RF Harvey has the size and muscling to fit todays Hereford market.  He also has a tremendous set of physical attributes.  Chunk is gone, but he remains in our program through AI. 
Son of  the 1999 National Champion S&S Basic 1G
Dam:  A  RHF 1GT Victor 103T Daughter
Bred for performance!
Powerful EPD's
AUGUST  2002
Muscle, Depth &, Disposition
Grand Champion Bull
2000 Magnolia Hereford Sale & Show
Intermediate Champion Bull
2000 County Fair
Grand Champion Bull
2001 County Fair
Reserve Senior Champion
2001 Texas State Fair and Pan Am Exposition
Reserve Senior Champion
& Get of Sire
2002 Texas Polled Hereford
State Show
Chunk was only shown a total of 5 times.  In between the shows he was busy breeding. In each show he proved he was a champion by type, but it is in the pasture where he has proved he is a champion by the quality of his calf crop. This bull does an outstanding job of putting thickness and a easy going disposition in his cattle.  His REA and his weaning and yearling weight EPD's are in the upper % of the Hereford breed.
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With 90 calves registered with the American Hereford Assoc.,

     Average Birth weight:      Percentages:
      Bulls:       89.9 lbs                                           Weaning:101.1 % 
      Heifers:   83.9 lbs                                            Yearling: 102.5 %

EPD's:  BW  8.5  WW  60  YW  94  SC  0.7  MM  17  MG  46
Carcass:  Fat  +.004   REA  +.25   IMF -.10
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
The Harvey's
Tom and Tina
Cooper, Texas