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Feltons Jedi 154
"Jedi", was one of Frank Felton's greater accomplishments.  He is currently a trait leader bull with the American Hereford Asoc. in Milk, Milk & growth, Scrotal and Fat with over 380 offspring recorded. Exclusive semen rights are owned by ABS Global, but we can offer his offspring and embryo matings.  His daughters are performing well, with a 101.6% weaning ratio within their contemporary groups!  Jedi carries excellent pigmentation, and has the EPD's to fit todays Hereford market,... so use the force!    
Jedi's daughters are doing what his EPD's indicate they should do..milk!  In a couple of years we will have his daughters calving in our herd and we're hoping for the same type performance. 

We will be using Jedi to flush top cows in our herd with.  Some of these embryo matings will be a straight Feltons mating from DODs who are listed in the AHA's "Top 200" list!  
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With over 390 calves registered with the American Hereford Assoc.,

     Average Ratios:                                                                                       
      Birth Weight:   100.5%                     Yearling Scrotal: 37.9 cm
      Weaning:  99.2 %                             Yearling Ht.:  5.3
      Yearling:   100.1%                            Dau. in Production:    76

EPD's:  BW  4.0  WW  43  YW  78  SC  1.4  MM  24  MG  45
Carcass:  Fat  -0,010   REA  +0.02   IMF +0.01
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
Jedi at over 9 years of age
Owned with: 
Willis Polled Herefords
Stewart Polled Herefords
Oualline Polled Herefords

The force is with us!"

Jedi's Sons are doing their part also.  This nice 2003 bull sold for $3,500 (1/2 interest) in the recent JD Bellis Sale!  Look for some top bull prospects from us in the future! 
Born:          04-06-98
BW:                86lbs
WW Ratio:      113%
YW Ratio:       118%
Excellent EPD's
Dam is a DOD
Trait Leader Bull
The Harvey's
Tom and Tina