Spur at two years
SPEARHEAD SPURS K20                                               2001-2003
In the pasture
Avg BW           Avg WW           Avg YW           Frame           YS  
     74            95%           98          5.3             

  Bull BW average:   73 lbs           Heifer BW average:  75 lbs
Past Herd Sires
Lex was purchased as a yearling bull from Metch Polled Herefords, Canton Texas, in March of 1998.  We chose Lex for his natural muscleing, his ability to outgrow his contemporaries, his frame, length, disposition, and a 2.3 BW EPD.  Lex was primarily a breed bull, however our children showed him on several occasions winning classes, divisions, and a Reserve Grand Champion at our County Fair.  Lex was sold as a commercial breed bull in spring of 2000 after aquiring our new herd sire RF Harvey.
     Lex as a yearling
METCH LEX G709                                     1998-2000
Reserve Grand Champion
Avg BW           Avg WW           Avg YW           Frame           YS  
   87.5          100.5         99.6          5.5             37.0

Bull BW average:   93.3 lbs           Heifer BW average:  85 lbs
Although we no longer have any of his daughters working
in our herd, Lex helped us get started in the Hereford business, and gave our children several calves to show.  
Spur was used on four different ranchs, including ours, from 12 months of age to over two 2 years.  Some of the ranches were commercial only, but it did allow us to see his offspring.  His size was ideal for young heifers, and he did an excellent job of calving small lightweight calves. 
"Spur" was the result of our search to find a low birth weight sire to use on our heifers.  His sire, the Felton's Kirk 953 bull, is owned by Paul Funk of Spearhead Ranch, Copperas Cove, Texas.  The Felton's Kirk bull had every thing going for him; a Dam of Distinction for a mother, some outstanding EPD's, and of course, out of Frank Felton's program.  We toured the ranch and had a wonderful visit with Paul and his family.  After seeing the Kirk bull and his offspring, we were sold, and chose Spur, the bull calf with the lowest birth weight EPD"S.  His mother was a very nice, proven, goggle eyed, John Rice cow.  
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