Bulls we have used in the past but have been collected for future use are still listed under "Herd Sires"
Spur at two years
209 CR 4625
Cooper Texas 75432
903 395-2413
SPEARHEAD SPURS K20                                               2001-2003
In the pasture
Past Herd Sires
Lex was purchased as a yearling bull from Metch Polled Herefords, Canton Texas, in March of 1998.  We chose Lex for his natural muscleing, his ability to outgrow his contemporaries, his frame, length, disposition, and a 2.3 BW EPD.  Lex was primarily a breed bull, however our children showed him on several occasions winning classes, divisions, and a Reserve Grand Champion at our County Fair.  Lex was sold as a commercial breed bull in spring of 2000 after aquiring our new herd sire RF Harvey.  Although we no longer have any of his daughters working in our herd, Lex helped us get started in the Hereford business, and gave our children several calves to show.  No progeny remain in our herd.
    Lex as a yearling
METCH LEX G709                                  1998-2000
Reserve Grand Champion
"Spur" was the result of our search to find a low birth weight sire to use on our heifers.  His sire, the Felton's Kirk 953 bull, was owned by Paul Funk of Spearhead Ranch, Copperas Cove, Texas.  The Felton's Kirk bull had a Dam of Distinction for a mother, outstanding EPD's, and was out of  Frank Felton's program.  We had a wonderful visit with Paul and his family.  We chose the bull calf with the lowest birth weight EPD'S.  His dam was a very nice, proven, goggle eyed, John Rice cow.  Spur was used on four different ranches, including ours, from 12 months to two 2 years.  Some of the ranches were commercial only, but it allowed us to see his offspring. He did an excellent job of calving small calves.  None of his progeny remain.
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
The Harvey's
Tom and Tina
( Bred by Double H Farms )
Owned with:  Jimmy Prentice

Sire:Gillespie Malachi M201
Dam:       DBLH Equity L3

Birth Date:   04/02/06                       
BW:               86 lbs (Actual)     
WW:       829 lbs (Actual)
YW:        1080 lbs (Actual)
YFrame         7
YScrotal:      34 cm

"JP" was bred by us, and he is a prime example of what a good RF Harvey daughter is capable of when crossed with our herd bull Malachi....muscle! We sold his momma as a bred cow, but were fortunate enough to have Forge Cattle Co. trade him back to us.  He was sold into a commercial program in the fall of 2010.  "JP" was used beginning spring 2007.  He was a tall thick pigmented bull who sired excellent progeny.  We regret not collecting this bull before he sold. 
February 2008
Daughter              "JP"  at about 10 months old
2007- 2011
Originally owned with:
Stewart Polled Herefords
Owner: Garner Land and Cattle

Sire:PW Victor Boomer P606
Dam:       LLL Deana 2099 80E

Birth Date:   11/06/04                       
BW:               84 lbs (Actual)     
WW:       730 lbs (Actual)
YW:        1105 lbs (Actual)
YFrame         7
YScrotal:      33 cm

"Stew" was the result of a bred donor cow we bought with Stewart Polled Herefords at the Kiepersol Estate Sale.  He was big, thick, and produced some nice calves.  His genetics include some of the breeds top sires.  Stew showed for the first time at the Magnolia Hereford sale where he was dubbed the Reserve Grand Champion, and made second highest selling bull lot.  Fulll sibling embryos are still available.  None of his progeny remain in our herd.
2005- 2008
SONS of RF HARVEY 1G 17J                                            2002-2004
We had very good results using these sons from our main herd sire "Harvey".  They were some of the best bulls we ever raised at Double H Farms.  All of them went on to be sires in other herds, and we still regret not using a couple for a more extended period of time.  There pictures are from 12 months to 2 years of age.  Whether in the show ring or in the pasture these bulls held their own.
                   Hardware                                   Hustler                                  Hoss                                          Havoc
DR 8E ROUNDER 303N ET                                                2004-2005
Owned by:  Double H Farms
Sire:Remitall Embracer 8E
Dam:       Wintun Rebelette 71C                     Birth Date:  01/03/03 

In 2004 we went to Durham Ranch dispersal in Oklahoma to purchase a few bred cows.  We also came away with a young bull calf after making a deal with the Durhams Grandson.  Rounder was dark, long, shortmarked, and carried an excellent disposition.  He was sent to bull test where he came out around 12 months old and  1200 lbs.  Not to long after putting him into service he contrated epididymitis of the scrotum.  We were concerned about his future breed ability, so with disappointment he was sent to the packer.  This was our second spell of bad luck with a purchased herd sire.  We had also lost an outstanding 46B son with other complications. None of his progeny remain in our herd.
( Bred by Double H Farms )
Owned with:  Paratex Herefords

Sire:Feltons Jedi 154
Dam:       HVH MPH Serenade D28 56G
Birth Date:   02/14/07
Samurai is a good son of our Trait Leader herd bull, Feltons Jedi. His dam was an outstanding cow that worked in our herd for many years. Daughters are in production.  
2008- 2010
Daughters     Sire                                   Son                               Son