At Double "H" Farms, we guarantee our cattle not just because we want customer satisfaction, but because we have confidence in our own breed program. We believe in offering a sound investment to you.  If you are not satisfied with our cattle, then we can't be either!


HEALTH:  All of the cattle we sell are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of sale and or delivery by Double "H" Farms.  If there is a condition that we feel would adversely affect the breeding ability or longevity of the animal we will not sell it for breeding purposes.  If a question should arise at the time of purchase or delivery by Double "H" Farms in regards to the animals health, then the purchaser and seller will attempt to reconcile the condition in question.  If  a condition exists that is found to be a result of oversight by Double "H" Farms,  or an injury incurred during a transport performed by Double "H" Farms, then the seller will be responsible for any cost incurred. The seller will not be responsible for injuries incurred by any transporter chosen of buyers choice.  If a heath condition is unfounded,  the buyer will be responsible for any cost incurred to verify the animals health.  Buyer then has the right to either accept the animal as is or request a refund if payment has already been made.   Seller retains the right to revoke the sale if buyer and seller can not reconcile.  

VACCINATIONS:  All cattle will have current  vaccinations.  All females who are old enough will have official calfhood vaccination.  See our "Care" page for our vaccination program.


Bulls:  All breed bulls over 12 months of age will be fertility tested.  Bulls sold under 12 months of age are sold with no further guarantee, as we cannot be responsible for the conditions the animal is subject to, once under the buyers care.  The fertility test, and our health clause is our guarantee that the bull is sold as an effective breeder.  Exceptions to this clause will be between the buyer and seller.
Females:  Heifer calves under 14 months of age are sold as is.  Cows with calves on their sides are considered effective breeders, and are sold with no further guarantee.  All females sold open over 14 months to 8 years of age, without calves on their sides, are guaranteed to breed safe with an initial 90 day exposure to a fertility tested bull.  This 90 days is in addition to A.I attempts, as we cannot be held responsible for improper storage of semen, bad semen, or improper A.I techniques.  There is no guarantee if the buyer first subjects them to estrus synchronization superovulations or ova transfers.  If a cow is first attempted to be bred A.I it must have been done by a certified A.I tech or DVM.  If after  the 90 day exposure and minimum of 45 day wait period, palpation by a DVM reveals the cow has not bred, and she has no clinical reasons for not breeding, then the purchaser will receive a full refund or be given a suitable replacement agreeable by seller and buyer.  Double "H" Farms reserves the right to attempt breeding of the female in question for a minimum of 60 days, plus 45 day wait period, prior to issuing a refund or replacement.   Double "H" Farms will have no further obligations should the new owner fail to contact Double "H" Farms in regards to the alleged infertility within 4 months of purchase.  Remember the #1 cause for a cow not breeding is malnutrition.

VERIFICATION OF BLOODLINE:  All cattle bred by Double "H" Farms are guaranteed to be of the sire and dam stated.  We will only blood type an animal if the possibility exist of a chance breeding with another bull or if the cow calves close to the exposure date after being A.I. bred.  Once an animal has been purchased, the buyer has 90 days from the date of purchase and or the delivery date to dispute the bloodline of an animal back to immediate parents only, otherwise we assume you have no contest.  We assure you we would not knowingly or intentionally sell any of our cattle without positively knowing the animals sire.

EXCEPTIONS:  All cattle sold in registered cattle sales are only subject to the terms of the sale and this guarantee will not apply.  Furthermore, Double "H" Farms cattle sold by any other individual other than Double "H" Farms although they may be bred by Double "H" Farms do not apply under this guarantee.

RETURNS / REFUNDS:  Any animals returned for reasons stated above or  reasons agreed upon by buyer and seller may be evaluated by a DVM mutually agreed upon by both parties to verify the animals soundness. For a full refund, any animal returned to Double "H" Farms must be healthy and in good condition.  The animal must have been cared for properly.  Double "H" Farms reserves the right to use a DVM of it's choice to verify the animals health if necessary.
GENERAL:  With the exception of our guarantee and the terms stated here, all sales are final upon payment and or delivery.  All cattle sold in registered sales are subject to the conditions of the sale and these terms will not appy.

PAYMENT:  As agreed upon by the buyer and seller or the terms of  a registered sale.

TRANSFER OF PEDIGREES:  Double "H" Farms will be responsible for the transfer of registration certificates in the American Hereford Assoc. to the buyer or owner.  All calves on the side of a cow will also be at sellers expense.  Any fees associated with changing the current name of an animal will be at the buyers exspense.  Any calf not yet born will be at the exspense of the buyer.  A.I. certificates will not be furnished by the seller on females carrying the service of non-owned sires.

EPD'S / ULTRASOUND DATA:  All data related to EPD's and Carcuss will be made available prior to purchase.  Double "H" Farms will make every attempt to provide the most recent data available.

DELIVERY:  Cattle may be picked up at our farm our delivered by us.  Delivery is free within a 50 mile radius if more than one head is purchased. or a minimum of $1,000 is reached.  If the purchase is $3,000 or greater, we will deliver free within a 100 mile radius.  If Double "H" Farms delivers the cattle we assume responsibility for their safe arrival.  If you pick up the cattle yourself or make other arrangements, then the cattle become your responsibiltiy once they leave our farm.   We will assist in arranging delivery of your purchase anywhere in the United States to include interstate health charts if necessary.  If you don't like what you see when the animal arrives, load it up and send it home, at your exspense of course, unless we delivered, then it is on us!  If you would like us to deliver the cattle to you beyond our "free" limits, we would gladly do so at a reasonable cost. Unless arrangements have already been made prior to delivery, payment for services and cattle is expected in full upon delivery.

INS. POLICY:  Any policy obtained on cattle will be at the expense of the buyer.

Remember:  Double H Farms is always willing to work with you on your purchase.  We want buying cattle from us to be a good experience, and we want our cattle to benefit you program 
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