Felton's 621
Born:  03-22-03
BW:         84
AWW:     617
YW: 1,065
EPD's   BW  +0.6  WW  39  YW  58  MM  11  MG  30
Fat +0.028  REA  -0.02   IMF  +0.38     CED  +5.9  CEM +5.8

Owned with:
Willis Polled Herefords, Emory, Tx
Stewart Polled Herefords, Campbell, Tx
This bull was the pick of a Partnership formed by three East Texas performance herds.  The Dam is a solid cow with excellent EPD's and a beautiful udder.  Her MPPA on Three Calves is 107.3, with Ratio's 0f 99% BW, 111% WW, 107% YW, and a C.I. of 376 days (366 between 2nd and 3rd calf).  She benchmarked in 2004 and is now a DOD!  621 is adequate muscled, correct, and conservatively marked with partial pigmentation. His offspring began to hit the ground in the Spring of 2005.  Semen is for sale. We did not go looking to buy a 745 son, but in the end, we came home with one....the rest of the story.  
209 CR 4625
Cooper Texas 75432
903 395-2413
Performance on the Hoof!
Performance on the Hoof!
His calves are averaging 94% in BW ratio when compared to calves from other bulls which are used within the same contemporary group.
This bull is Deceased
AHA's Top 200 sires for 3 years!
In AHA's "Non-Cert. Program"
DNA typed to parents

621 after a tough drought year in Texas
His economic indexes for the breed are outstanding.
First daughters in production have beautiful udders!
He is almost 2 to 1 on female vs male progeny!
2 years old
March 2008
The Harvey's
Tom and Tina